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Motivation is the drive we have to pursue goals.  These may be personal ambitions for more money, a bigger car etc..  Or they may be organisation goals such as higher performance targets.  REMEMBER people are only motivated when they  want to do a good job.


 1943 Hierarchy of Needs first presented in an article in the US Psychological Review.  1954 Motivation & Personality published.  Maslow intended his theory to be applied to life in general (a universalistic theory), not just the workplace.  Although the theory is over 50 years old it is still referred to by managers and it offers them useful insights.  Theory applies to management, consumer behaviour, psychology and much more.



       1959 published The Motivation to Work.  1966 published Work and the Nature of Man.  1968 published ‘One more time: how do you motivate employees?’.  A US clinical psychologist whose “overriding interest was in mental health” as he believed that ‘mental health is the core issue of our times’.  This conviction was prompted by his posting (with US forces) to the


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