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Opposites in the world e.g. Truth Vs. Falsehood/ untruth's. Not simply opposites but the complexity of truth ariving from falsehood -- we learn from our mistakes, thus bettering our truth component. Therefore 'Falsehood' is and can be valued as highly as 'truth';although truth is subject to someone's opinion - Links to Mill - We can all beleive in a truth of our own, however without the discussion, we cannot know our truth to be fully true, however, even if not true, the the fact that we discovered it's falsehood proves valuable as a lesson learned not only for the individual, but for mankind.-- However, it can be argued that the freedom to discuss leads to a social conformity of agreeable 'truths', for example Catholics all hold the same beleif of homosexuality to be wrong, however a Catholic would need to discuss with a homosexual or athiest to correct or confirm their view. An implication of this could be that not everyone has the 'right opponent' to discuss with e.g. A Catholic and athiest, may deliberate on the existence of God, but not on the issue of homosexuality --- Mill leaves


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