New Right and the Family

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 The New Right and the Family

Like functionalists they believe that there is only one correct or normal family type, the Patriarchal Nuclear Family, consisting of a married couple with dependent children, with segregated roles, man would play the instrumental role and woman plays the expressive role.

They see this family as natural and based on biological differences between men and women.

They argue that the decline in the nuclear family and the rise in family diversity is causing many social problems, such as higher crime rates, poverty, health problems and educational failure.

They see lone parents as both unnatural and harmful,especially to children.They argue that lone parents cannot discipline their children properly,they're a burden on the welfare state and boys do not have an (male) adult role model, resulting in higher rates of delinquency and threatening social stability.

They disapprove of women going to work b/c  they believe women taking…


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