New Right views on family life


Politically and idealogically, the New Right were at their most influential during the 1980s and 1990s when Marget Thatcher was Prime Minister of the UK. The main sociological supporter for the New Right is Charles Murray, who claims that the traditional nuclear family is the best type of family. He went on to claim taht the traditional nuclear family is threatened by the welfare state. He believed that young women had babies in order to gain money from the welfare state, which meant taht young men did not have to take responsibility for fatherhood. The children of single parent families did not have a proper male role model in the family and in their turn grew up to be lazy, benefit dependent and criminial.

The New Right are particularly opposed to the growth of cohabitation because they argue that marriage strengthens family bonds, so that co-habiting couples are more likely to split up then a married couples. They see the growth of mothers in…


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