Nervous & Hormonal communication

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Receptors, effectors & stimuli:

  • A stimulus is any detectable change in the internal or external environment
  • Receptors detect stimuli- can be either cells or proteins on cell membranes
  • Effectors are cells which bring about a response to the stimulus via nervous or hormonal communication, e.g. muscle cells

Nervous vs Hormonal communication:


  • Short lived- neurotransmitters removed once they finish their job
  • Localised- neurotransmitters are released directly onto cells
  • Fast- impulses are fast, allowing quick reactions

Nervous system sends info as electrical impulses using neurones...

Types of Neurone:

  • Sensory- transmit impulses from receptors to central nervous system (CNS)
  • Relay- transmit impulses between sensory and motor neurones
  • Motor- transmit impulses from CNA to effectors

Stimulus--> receptors…


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