Nervous Control


Simplest type of nervous response to a stimulus is a reflex arc. 

Nervous Organisation 

  • Central Nervous System (CNS), made up of the brain and spinal cord
  • Peipheral Nervous System, made up of pairs of nerves that origionate from either the brain or the spinal cord

Peripheral nervous system is divided into:

  • Sensory neurones, which carry nerve impluses from receptors towards the central nervous system
  • Motor neurones, which carry nerve impluses away from the central nervous system to effectors

The motor nervous system can be further subdivided:

  • Voluntary nervous system, which carries nerve impluses to body muscles and is under voluntary (conscious) control
  • the Autonomic nervous system, which carroes nerve impulses to glands, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle and is not under voluntary control, so is involuntary (subconscioius) 

Spinal Cord 

Spinal cord - a column…


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