structure of nervous system

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  • Structure of the nervous system
    • somatic
      • controls conscious activities EG running
      • motor neaurones carry impusles from CNS to skeletal muscles
    • Autonomic
      • control unconscious activites EG digestion
      • motor neurones carry impulses from CNS to cardiac and sooth muscles
    • parasympathetic
      • 'rest and digest'
      • active in sleep and relaxation
      • decreased heart rate, pupil constriction,decreased ventilation, sexual arousal
    • sympathetic
      • 'Fight or Flight'
      • most active in times of stress.
      • increased heart rate, pupil dialation, increased ventilation rate, ******
    • the peripheral nervous system consists of all sensroy and motor neurones outisde the CNS connecting the receptors and effector to the CNS


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