Nazi Germany: Economic Recovery, 1933-36

What measures did the Nazis take to bring about economic recovery?


The Nazis came to power promising economic recovery and they wanted to achieve it as soon as possible.They did not have to face the issues of reparations (this was one of the biggest economic issues in the previous German government Weimar);in 1932 Bruning had said that Germany could not pay and at a conference in Lausannne the Allies agreed that the Depression made reparation payments impossible. While this was good for the economy, although Germany had always been paying as little as possible, Schacht still had to pay the government debt on previous foreign loans and fell behind on this.

In 1934, Germany failed to pay US debts and trade with the two countries collasped, This did not matter as much to the Nazis as it had to previous governments as they weren't intending on replying on foreign trade as one of their fascist values included the Economic policy of autarky (Economic self-suffciency without the need to rely on imports in any area of life).

Schacht drew up a 'New Plan', making trade treaties with


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