Nazi economic policies 1933-36 1936-39

AS level history Nazi economic policies 1933-36 1936-39

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1933-36 (recovery period) Nazi aims + key points

- Number 1 aim was to rearm. 

- Mass unemployment had to be dealth with 

- morale of the civilian population had to be uplifted once more. 

- Desire to reduce jewish influence 

- To restore women to the domestin enviroment

- To seek revenge on treaty of Versailles

- However he did believe all business should 'ultimately serve the greater goal of creating an armed and mighty germany' 

- By 1933 only 11.4 million were in full - time employment

- Human misery and escalating social problems such as suicide rose. 

- This allowed Hitler to become a chancellor. The new government had to tackle the problem in order to survive. 

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1933-36 (recovery period) work creation schemes

- The most important in reducing unemployment launched in 1933

- Most famous AUTOBAHN (building of the motor way) scheme


- Between 1933-38 1938 3,000km of autobahm were completed; recieved enormous propaganda.

- lead to stimulated demand in other areas of economy; also improved morale

- Improving ifrustructure.


- Never directly employed more then 84,000 workers. 

different schemes allowed 

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1933-36 (recovery period) young people/ women


  • Nazi regime increased and encouraged voluntary labour inorder to get people off the unemploument register. 
  • new forms of services were introduced which gave people employment in return for housing, money etc. 
  • Between 1933 - 34 159,000 engaged in landhilfe. 


  • Women encouraged to give up work by the law of june 1933. 
  • Marriage loan scheme for wives who agreed not to work if their husbands had employment.
  • Between 1933-36 700,000 couples recieved such a loan
  • Effect reducing employment and rasing living standard


  • successful: unemployment fell steadily by 1936 unemployment dropped to 1.5m 
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1933-36 (recovery period) Schact

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