Natural Law


Natural Law

Aristotle described Eudaimonia as happiness. It is the most happiness a person can get. All we have to do is aim for happiness. Whether it is eating food, talking to someone, or saving someone's life it is all done in aim of happiness.

I need (x) in order to have happiness

I need happiness in order to have (x)

The Natural Law

Absolute law should come from an objective place - unaffected by opinion. Many christians use the bible as a direct source from God. Morality is the natural purpose of life = natural law. Aquinas said that as God created nature, he also created laws it is bound by. Natural law is an absolute law from an objective place.

Aquinas didn't believe Eudaimonia was the final cause. He believed it was when you fulfilled the purpose set out for you. The telos. Aquinas believed in Imago Dei. Therefore, our purpose is to reach the likeness of God, union with God in the afterlife. Good is to be persued and evil avoided.

E.g. when a couple have sex, the naturall intended purpose is to have a child. Contraception is wrong, prevents the purpose.

Laws and Heirarchy

Eternal Law: Laws inconceivable to humans. Law of


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