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Role of Joseph smith:

  • founder of the religion 
  • good speaker- converted many to the new faith 
  • built a succsessful community- built up a bank, a*store
  • he was unpopular. accused of fraud and misleading people
  • forced to move kirkland, missouri and nauvoo

why were the mormons unpopular?

  • they grew in power and wealth in a short space of time
  • people became suspicious because they did not mix with non-mormons
  • people thought they would take over 
  • they practised polygamy. this was a sin to many ordinary christians
  • their beliefs made it difficult for then to co-exist with others

why did mormons move west?

  • they were very unpopular due to their beliefs- accused of being frauds
  • they were prescuted - jealousy over their success, too friendly to slaves/indians
  • joseph smith planned to run for the presidency of the USA- this made them even more unpopular as their fears that wanted to take over seemed true
  • brigham young made the decision to move west after joseph smith was killed

what were brigham youngs achievements?

  • he became the leader of the mormons…


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