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Notes about the Mormons for Edexcel GCSE History revision...

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The Mormons
Joseph Smith ­ claimed in 1823 to dig up some gold plates (in New
York State) and he had been guided to the plates by an angel who
supposedly said that whoever found the plates would restore the church
of Jesus in The US and build up God's kingdom on earth in preparation
for the second coming.
Joseph Smith:
Charismatic public speaker.
Believed in polygamy ­ more than one wife.

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Where? Mormons: Other People:
Kirtland, Outnumbered nonMormons. Became jealous and afraid of
Ohio Bought land, built farms and Mormon success.
(183137) homes. Became angry and bank collapse
Set up a bank (failed in (lost savings).
national bank crisis of 1837) Drove the Mormons out of
Missouri Were friendly with Native Didn't trust Mormons.
(1837 ­ Americans. Attacked Mormons and burnt
38) Wanted to free slaves. down their houses.
Set up secret police force Threw Joseph Smith into prison.
called Danites.…read more

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­ Practised polygamy. Assaulted and killed Mormons.
46) Criticized Smith for being a Imprisoned and killed Smith.
dictator and replaced him with Told Mormons to leave.
Brigham Young.
Brigham Young ­ First job was to organise emigration to Great Salt
Lake. He:
Divided them into manageable groups (each with leader).
Had strict discipline.
Taught them how to put wagons in a circle at night for safety.
Insisted on regular rests.…read more

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Leader: Positive: Negative:
Joseph Motivational/ Inspirational. Liked polygamy.
Smith Like a prophet ­ (saw the Wanted to run for president ­
angel). too self obsessed.
Started Mormonism.
Built up empire.
Brigha Took Mormons to empty Salt Gave in to having a
m Lake. nonMormon governor be in
Young Started the Perpetual charge.
Emigration Fund.…read more

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Gave land depending on
family size.…read more


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