Moral Argument

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"There are two things that fill my mind with ever increasing awe and wonder; the starry heavens above us and the innate moral law within us."

Innate - something that is within us

Morality - idea of understanding right and wrong from good and bad

Imorality - some don't accept moral code. Murder etc.

If someone ought to do something, then this over-rules any other consideration that might come into play. What you ought to do.

Free-will will not to listen to God.

Morality over-rules everything! It has ultimate reality;

a.) Comes from God

b.) Right thing to do

The moral argument seeks to exploit this fact; if moral facts are a kind of command; the moral argument ask, then who commanded morality? GOD!

Categorical Imperative

By utilising reason. This means that we should only do things that we could wish were universal laws.

God is required for morality to achieve its end. For your moral goodness, you will be rewarded in Heaven. Not rewarded in the world. An example of someone who did something good but was unrewarded in the real world was Martin Luther King, who stood up for what he believed for, but was killed. He will be rewarded in Heaven, and…


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