The Moral Argument: Kant

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  • The Moral Argument: Kant
    • Objective moral law that reason tells us we must obey.
      • Requires us to obtain the highest good, summum bonum.
    • Only obliged to do something if it is possible to achieve.
    • Cannot obtain the summum bonum without God to assist us.
      • We are oblidged to achieve the summum bonum therefore God must exist.
    • A rational person has an overwhelming sense of moral duty.
    • 'Does the fact we have an idea about right and wrong mean that God exists?'
      • 'Is there any point being moral if God doesn't exist?'
      • 'Does morality depend on God?'
    • Kant rejected all Cosmological and Teleological arguements.
      • God's existence was not a matter of human knowledge.
      • To explain morality it must include the belief that God exists.


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