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Cognitive-behavioural Therapy

Beck believed that depressed patients were overwhelmed with negative and dysfunction thinking patterns

CBT was designed by Beck. He believed that if an individual thinks negatively they will feel depressed

Short therapy (20 sessions of 16 weeks)

·         Behavioural activation: identify activates the client once found enjoyable and assess why they are no longer enjoyable and deal with the problem. This in turn lifts their mood.

·         Graded task assignments : clients engage in more demanding yet rewarding activities

·         Thought-catching of 'automatic negative thought' : Clients are taught to notice the association between thoughts and feelings

·         Finally the client is told to challenge maladaptive, negative thoughts and replace them with more realistic ones. This therefore leads to a change in behaviour

Elkin et al

-investigate the effectiveness of different treatments for depression

-250 outpatients with major depression where split into 4 groups, CBT,


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