Monserrat - Case Study

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Monserrat is a small carribean island, it is 12 miles long and 7 miles wide. Many of the people are poor and rely on farming which is their subsistance. Known as the 'Emerald Island' because of it's lush green vegitation and woodland, it attracts many tourists.

1992 - The first earthquakes.

1995- The volcano erupts after being dormant for 500 years.

1996- The volcano continued to erupt becoming more violent and causing more damage.

1997- Large eruptions continued with the dome collapsing and large pyroclastic flow affecting most of the island.

2012- The volcano is still erupting.

Predicting the Montserrat Eruption.

  • Before an eruption happensscientists will use: Ground deformation, Seismic activity , Gas emissions and Geologic observatory to show signs of the eruption.
  • The eruption started on 1th July 1995.
  • Volcanic activity continues

Actions taking


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