Money 1975- full explanation.

John Money investigated whether identity could be  changed  or is bologically fixed. He had successfully gender-reassigned children born with ambigious genitalia so was interested in finding out whether children are 'gender neutral' at birth. 

  • Money followed up 45 males after gender-reassignment.
  • He in depth studied monozygotic twins; Bruce and Brian. 
  • This provided a control- a biologically identical boy who did not have gender-reassignement treatment. 
  • After Bruce damaged his penis in a failed electrical surgery, Dr Money suggested he should be brought up female. This included being called Brenda, changing his external genitalia from male to female and being given oestrogen treatment.
  • Brenda was brought up very differently from her brother; she was made to keep her hair long, where pink clothing and frilly blouses, she wore ribbons, jewellery and was given dolls


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