Mill's Utiltaransim

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Mill was concerned that utiltaransim was being criticised because, as bentham's utiltarnism would suggest, as long as themost people are happy then it doesn't reallt matter what happens in order to acheive that. In other words people could end up purusing undesirable actions and that would be seen as moral as would be crerating the most happiness

He said that we could end up justifying undesirable actions as long as the majorityof people are happy

Therefore Mill developed the higher and lower pleasures

Higher pleasures for Mill are intellectual pleasures such as oprea reading poetry or studying,

Lower pleasures are physical pleasures such as sex, drinking and eating

Mill said that the quality of the action is more important than the quantiy

Therefore Mill beleives that if we have a chocie between a higher pleasure and a lowe pleasure. Then Mill would say we should puruse the higher pelasure, even though it may not bring immedieate happiness, in time the higher pelasure will prodcue better happiness as it will last longer, whereas a lower pleasure is more short term happiness,

Mill said that it is the quality of the pleasure…


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