Act and Rule Utilitarianism

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  • Act Utilitarianism
    • Associated with Bentham and use of his hedonic calculus
      • Bentham thought that previous experiences did not always help us make moral choices
    • favours the individual situations more than cases for the majority.
    • Each situation was different so had to be calculated afresh.
    • Rule Utilitarianism
      • Associated with Mill's utilitarianism.
        • Mill thought that previous experiences did help us make decisions
        • Human beings have already developed some rules which help them make decisions quickly
        • However Mill viewed these rules as more helpfull than obligatory
      • Rule Util Considers the consequences of past actions to form a rule to guide a present action
      • For example you wouldn't have to use the hedonic calculus to figure out  that giving money to the poor is a good thing to do


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