Mill and Utilitarianism

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'The greatest happiness for the greatest number'

  • Mill criticised Benthams value of self-sacrifice
  • The well-being of the individual is was of the greatest importance.
  • Accepted Benthams utility principle but he argued that some pleasures are higher (mind) than others (body).
  • Differianted between quality and quantity pleasures

Criticised Bentham:

  • Too subjective, non-conclusive
  • Moral opinion rather than moral fact
  • Justifies immoral acts e.g. ****
  • Too bestial- animal like 'turning humans back into animals'
  • Looks at the quantity rather than the quality of the pleasure.
  • Higher pleasures associated with the mind, intellectual pleasures e.g. cultural activities, reading, spiritual reflection.
  • 'It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied'.
  • Lower pleasures…


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