Milgram 1963

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Milgram 1963 : behavioural study of obedience


  • lab = able to control conditions
  • no IV
  • controlled observation

Milgram recruited participants using volunteer sampling. He selected 40 males aged 20-50, all with different backgrounds and jobs.

Participants were told the study was about memory and learning.

Each was paid $4.50 and told they would receive this upon coming to the lab.


  • study took place in a lab at Yale University
  • ppt's were greeted by a 31 year old 'experimenter' who was dressed in a grey's technician coat
  • another ppt was at the lab - a 47 year old accountant, Mr Wallace.
  • ppt's drew slips of paper to decide which of them would play the role of teacher or learned (section was rigged)
  • both learner and teacher were taken to the experimental room, where learner was strapped into an 'electric chair'

The shocking machine:

  • the teacher was taken to the adjoining room and seated infront of the shock generator

- the machine had 30 switches on it and started from 15 volts going up to 450 volts

The learning task:

  • Once study began, the teacher was told to administer a shock when learner gave the wrong answer and to escalate to a higher level of shock each time, announcing it.

Feedback from the experimenter:

  • The experimenter was trained to give


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