Ethical Issues with Human Participants

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  • Ethical Issues with Human Participants
    • 1. Informed Consent
      • Full information may compromise the intergrity of the study BUT informed consent may cause issues of harm (should have declined
      • Milgram (1963)
    • 2. Deception
      • Studies should only be conductued when circumstances excuse it. Lack of honesty --> unable to give informed consent
      • Rosenhan (1973)
    • 3. Right to Withdraw
      • Various circumstances where participants feel like they cannot withdraw
      • American Students recieve course credits for taking part (feel that withdrawl would ruin study)
    • 4. Protection from Harm
      • It isnt always possible to anticipate when participants will feel harm
      • Milgram (1963) - distress not expected
    • 5. Confidentiality and Privacy
      • Difficult to establish what counts as 'private'
      • Observational study in public place - some people may feel this is an invasion of privacy


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