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  • Obedience
    • Key study: Milgram (1963)
      • procedure
        • 40 volunteer participants in each condition
        • real participant acted as 'teacher', confederate as 'learner'
        • teacher administered increasing shock levels up to 450v
      • findings
        • in voice feedback condition, 65% went to maximum 450v
        • all participants went to 300v level
    • Situational factors in obedience
      • proximity
        • obedience levels decreased with increasing proximity
        • reserve police battalion 101
      • location
        • obedience levels dropped to 48% in lower-status setting
        • high levels of obedience not surprising
      • Power of uniform
        • people more likely to obey someone in uniform
        • Untitled
    • Evaluation/ discussion
      • internal validity
        • Orne and Holland claim many participants saw through the deception
      • historical validity
        • Milgram's findings still as relevant today
          • no relationship between year of study and obedience levels found


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