Migration from Poland to the UK

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Migration from Poland

UK government predicted 15,000 but between 500,000-600,000

Reasons for migration

  • In Poland unemployment rate is 18.2% in 2005 compared to the UK 5.1%
  • Demand for low skilled and semi skilled jobs
  • Poland GDP per head is $12,700 compared to UK $30,900

Characteristics of the Polish Migrants

  • In Poland last on £150 a month
  • Polish students take a gap year in the UK before starting uni
  • low skilled jobs including cleaners, farmworkers account for 37%
  • 120,000 migrants in rural areas
  • 15 million international passengers use airports
  • Poland has the second largest air traffic flow

Impact on Migration

  • £2.54billion contributed to the economy by eastern europeans
  • Migrants have contributed 0.5%- 1% growth between 2005-2006
  • 80% of workers are between 18-35
  • Bank of England stated that migration has prevented a rapid rise in oil prices
  • Ernst & Young said mortages would 0.5% higher withouth migrants
  • new migrants are hardworking and skilled
  • Some polish…


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