Migration Case study (UK opens its doors)

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Immigrants mainly came from colonies such as, the Caribbean, Indian empire (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh)

Act of Parliament encouraged immigrants; gave all commonwealth (ex-colonial) citizens a free entry into the UK.

First Jamaican immigrants docked at Tilbury (essex) in june 1948

1950-1960 over a quater of a million immigrants came from the caribbean

1971 there were 1 million immigrants from comonwealth countries.

Immigrants took over a variety of jobs as they settled in.

Jobs such as, textile factories, seelworkers, bus drivers and working on the railways. (Tertiary jobs)

By 1970s the UK had more than enough labour and controls were introduced in order to reduce the migrant levels.


-It met the shortage of unskilled and semi-skilled labour

-It played an important role in the post-war reconstruction of the country

-The UK became more multicultural enabling Britain to understand other counties culture beyond; forming a relationship. (Trade)

-Help stimulate Britains economy…


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