How has global poulation changed

How has global population changed?

Some places are experiencing large population growth such as South America and Asia however places in Europe such as Italy and Germany are having the opposite.

Its difficult to predict later figures as you never know whats going to happen as a country may break out in war,famine and population may decrease or countries coulf introduce a pro or anti natalist.

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What is a demographic transition model?

A Demographic Transition Model is used to show how population structure can change over time in different countries due to variations in birth and death rates.

Things that can affect the birth and death rates are war,famine,natural disasteror if there are more people in a coun try that are not given education on things such as contraception.

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somalia case study?


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Italy case study

Italy has a large population of elderly dependents because of the things such as life expectency has changed as it is a developed country with a lot of resources. It has an impact of there not being enough workers and more money has to be spent on pensions and care for the elderly. A response the Italian government have had to this is introducing a pro natalist policy where if you were to have a child you would get icentives such as money.

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China case study

China had to introduce an anti natalist policy because there population was getting dangerously high and if it carried on resources would have become sparse. It works by that every family can only have one child to reduce the population size. The advantages of this are the population is slowly decreasing which will prevent things such as resources being lost and things such as famine happening. A disadvantage would be that kids grow up without aunties or uncles and no cousins or siblings. Also some women will be forced into aborting there second child and this can be done in gruesome ways.

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population keywords and meanings

migration-people moving out of a country.                                                                                            

Immigrant-someone moving into another country.

Economic migrant-a person that moves to get a better wage or job.

Refugee-a migrant who has to flee a country.

Asylum seeker-A migrant that is seeking asylum.

Push factor-something bad in a country which makes a person want to migrate.

Pull factor-something good in a country which makes someoene want to move to a country.

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push factors

Push factors.

They are things that make someone want to move away from a country such as famine,war,natural disaster or lack of jobs.

Pull factors.

Pull factors are things that make people want to move to a country such as,hot weather,good jobs,good wages,democracy,a stable government or things such as benefits.

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migration policies

Open door policy.

an open door policy is a thing where the borders of a country are open so anyon can go into the country. Some diadvantages of tbhis policy would be that people such as Isis can just come into the country and cause trouble. A advantage would be that people such as refugees can seek refuge in that country and can be safe.

Point based system.

A point based system is where people such as doctors would get more points than someone who was unemployed to get into a country as it works by if you were a doctor and you were needed in the country but say someone was unemployed they wouldnt be needed so they may not be let in.

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impacts of migration

on the host country where the immigrant is migrating too it can have a positive affect as they may do work other people dont want to do or they could be something like a doctor/teacher. However it could be bad for the country as that could be more money that would have to be paid out for healthcare or education.

The origin could be affected as the people that are leaving could be vital for some things such as farming or stability for families as it could be a developing country. Or it could be that its a good thing for the country as they could be really overpopulated.

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types of migration

Forced migration

Forced migration is where someone is forced to leave there country such as if there was a civil war and their lives were at risk. An example of forced migration would be Mo farah when he had to migrate from somalia when he was a child due to cicil war.


Economic  migration is when a person moves because of things to do with money so that they can have a better life and thta thye can have a sustainable job, life and even a family. some cases of this would be people from countries in north africa trying to get to Ialy to have a better life beacuse in africa it isnt a good quality of life as they are all mostly developing countries.

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