Media Violence Debate

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Media Violence Debate


  • The influence of media violence upon anti-social behaviour is a highly controversial topic

Following the ARMM process presented by the social learning theory, a person would copy media violence by following 4 stages:

  • Attention- the person would observe violence in the media e.g. a fight on Batman.
  • Retention- the person would remember the way in which violence was carried i.e. how, where, when
  • Motor Reproduction- the person would replicate the behaviour i.e. they may get into a fight with someone like on the tv show.
  • Motivational- they may recieve praise for showing this violent behaviour i.e. if they are a in a gang they may be praised for it. Other motivations can be internal such as feeling high levels of sdrenalain when commiting the anti-soial behaviour.
  • Vicarous re-inforcement is another way in which the social learning theory suggest that people can learn to imitate violenet behaviours in the media. For instance, if a child watchs a power rangers program- where they would be rewarded for showing violent behaviour( although towards criminals), they would then replicate this behaviour in order to gain the same reward.


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