Media- Marxism, pluralism,Neo-marxism and Neo-pluralism


Core concepts

>Media maintains capitalism and props it up by transmitting ruling class ideologies that indoctrinate people and this creates false class-consciousness. False class-consciousness means that people will not challenge the system and have a revolution.>Althusser calls the media an ISA. >The media is the new opium to the people it has taken over from religion.


>Concentration of ownership -Bagdikian 50 to 5 >The media is now controlled and owned by global conglomerates which instil horizontal integration but this gives the owners too much power. >Predatory pricing AO2-The sun app >Regulatory favours AO2- Murdoch and Blair.


>Owners have full control >Agenda setting >Personalised style of management AO2-Murdoch's memos. >A02 Murdoch owns 175 newspapers worldwide and it Cleary because he wants to indoctrinate people as he owns the only newspaper in Fiji, it clearly is not for financial gain.>in all 175 newspapers the Iraq war was supported (regulatory favours, Blair would not stop him as long as he supported him.)  >Create a candyfloss culture that dumbs down the audience (AO3 Cultural pessimists)

Selection and presentation

>The news is bias and intentional. >The news is selected to distract people from the real inequalities and exploitation in society. >Owners have the ultimate control of what is released. >Murdoch "Editors have plenty of freedom; I only fire the ones that don't know how to use the freedom." >AO2 Bad news is good news. (Distracts the people) >Protestors are turned into folk devils and demonised and this prevents revolution in society. >Mcquail talks about the illusion of objectivity, it looks like others have the power when in fact they do not have the power.

Representation of class

>The working class and underclass are faced with symbolic annihilation. > The underclass are overrepresented as scroungers while the royals are represented in a positive light =Botha re newsworthy. This instils meritocracy in use, as people believe that if they can work hard they can have a better life. >Scroungers is one word to describe the working class and underclass due to the media putting this label on them they become marginalised in society and demonised. They are turned into scapegoats one example of this was in the 1970s Hall did a study on the black muggers.    

AO3-Pluralists -Neo-Pluralists -Neo-Marxists -Neophiliacs


Core Concepts

>The media is objective >The media is consumer driven >Everything about the media is…


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