Media- Marxism, pluralism,Neo-marxism and Neo-pluralism

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Core concepts

>Media maintains capitalism and props it up by transmitting ruling class ideologies that indoctrinate people and this creates false class-consciousness. False class-consciousness means that people will not challenge the system and have a revolution.>Althusser calls the media an ISA. >The media is the new opium to the people it has taken over from religion.


>Concentration of ownership -Bagdikian 50 to 5 >The media is now controlled and owned by global conglomerates which instil horizontal integration but this gives the owners too much power. >Predatory pricing AO2-The sun app >Regulatory favours AO2- Murdoch and Blair.


>Owners have full control >Agenda setting >Personalised style of management AO2-Murdoch's memos. >A02 Murdoch owns 175 newspapers worldwide and it Cleary because he wants to indoctrinate people as he owns the only newspaper in Fiji, it clearly is not for financial gain.>in all 175 newspapers the Iraq war was supported (regulatory favours, Blair would not stop him as long as he supported him.)  >Create a candyfloss culture that dumbs down the audience (AO3 Cultural pessimists)

Selection and presentation

>The news is bias and intentional. >The news is selected to distract people from the real inequalities and exploitation in society. >Owners have the ultimate control of what is released. >Murdoch "Editors have plenty of freedom; I only fire the ones that don't know how to use the freedom." >AO2 Bad news is good news. (Distracts the people) >Protestors are turned into folk devils and demonised and this prevents revolution in society. >Mcquail talks about the illusion of objectivity, it looks like others have the power when in fact


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