Topic 3 - Ownership, ideology and bias

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Neo-pluralists = the view that journalists are professional, objective, pursuers of the truth who face obstacles in living up to the principles in the modern world.

Davis (2008) - the most basic function of journalists is to check facts.

Cotemporary journalism has been corrupted by an epidemic faliure to verify news stories.

Morden day journalism is characterized by what Davies calls 'churnalism'.

'Churnalism' = uncritical over-reliance by journalists on 'facts' produced by government spin doctors and public relation experts.

Journalism is forced into churnalism because of commercial pressures that have resulted in more space to fill but with addded pressure to do this quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

MARXSITS suggest that Davies fails to recognise the role of ownersd and advertisers in these processes.

McChesney (2002) - the notion that the media are professionalis an ideological myth invented by the media owners in order to present the corporate media monopoly as neutral and unbiased.

Concentration of ownership of news organizations

Couldry et al. (2007) - only six corporations operate the majority of major websites, commercial broadcastind/cable casting and newspapers worldwide.

Editors and journalists…


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