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Sociology and Media terminology
Active audience approaches ­ theories that Cultural effects model ­ the view that the
stress the effects of the media are limited media are powerful in so far as they link up with
because people are not easily influenced. other agents of socialisation to encourage…

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neutralize their actions so that society can return Marginalising ­ making a group appear to be
to `normality'. `at the edge' of society and not very important.
Gatekeepers ­ people within the media who Mass media ­ Agencies of communication that
have the power to let some news stories…

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face obstacles in living up to these principles in celebration of traditionally male concerns such as
the modern world. football.
News aggregator sites ­ websites which Representative democracy ­ A system of
present news stories on particular topics from a government in which the people are
wide range of…

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Tokenism ­ including a limited number of
minority group members only because it is felt
that this is expected.
Transnational ownership ­ The ownership by a
single company of media organisations which
operate in two or more countries.
Underclass ­ group below the working class,
dependent on benefits and…




An excellent comprehensive resource which is great for key terminology knowledge, could easily be turned a taboo type game for in class or small group revision activity.



man like science 



excellent Archive of definitions

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