Main developments in the domestic economy (DE at the end of the 15th century)


Main developments in the domestic economy 

The domestic economy at the end of the 15th century

Eng was an argricultural country with the vast majority of the population involved in some form of farming. (Impt to understand there were many farming regions and practices; that some regions maintained a medieval open field system,some open fields were being enclosed, and other regions never had open fields)
Norfolk and south and east of the midlands, enclosure was a problem long before 1485
Enclosure = hedging and cultivating waste ground, consolidating argicultural strips and dividing common pasture, and above all ending common rights to a piece od land by taking it under single ownership.

Industry was dominated by the wool and cloth 'industry'.
Manufacturing techniques were backward.- Threads of the raw woll were carded (untangled) by hand, spun into thread on a spinning


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