main developments in the domestic economy (Industry)

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Main developments in the domestic economy


Limited industrial advance during H's reign- Most impt industries continued to be those most directly associated witht the wool and cloth trade (centred in Yorkshire, East Anglia and the West Country)
It remained cottage based, but the emergence of the Marchant Clothiers, or cloth merchants who collected the wool, thread and/or cloth, then collected it for export, marked the beginning og a more capitalist organisation of the reade which took some control away from the individual producers.

The 'putting out' system grew the second half of the 15th century.- Capitalist production proved more flexible and could be more easily adapted to consumer demand.
Distributiors might, for example, insist on some variation to a product in order to meet market demand and increase sales- such practices helped increase exports so that, for example, the export of cloth by the Hansa merchants increased fivefold between the beginning and the end of the 15th century

Other industries took place


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