LOP Craik and Lockhart 1972

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Craik and Lockhart arhue that LOP is nesaccery to explain info being transferred into the LTM without rehearsal

LOP states that the deeper we process information the stronger the memory traace is.

Craik and WATKINS distinguished the difference between maintenece rehersal and elaborative rehearsal and found that maintenece is less likely to creat an LTM but rather retain it in the STM and elaborative is more likely to create an LTM.

CRAIK AND WATKINS say that wheteher we remeber something depends on how deeply we process it as memory is a byproduct of processing.

e.g. according to LOP it is easier to recall important events because of the extra ' effort' put into processing them.

CRAIK AND LOCKHART identified three levels of processing

  1. Structural - what something looks like ( the shallowest form of processing)
  2. Phonetic - what something sounds like ( the second shallowest form of processing)
  3. Semantic - understanding what something means ( the deepest form of processing)

SEMANTIC anlysis results in deeper processing and DEEPER PROCESSING results in a more durable memory.



SPORER 1991 - got people to look at photos of peoples faces and found that

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