Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra Part 2


If you are listening to this in audio please do follow the notes as well as pictures are not given.

Logic Gates - An electronic circuit that performs boolean function

  • There are 3 main Logic Gates AND, OR and NOT gate(but in the picture below it is called the inverter), there are other gates which do the function of a NOT gate and an OR and an And gate they are known as NAND gate and NOR gate.

Gates (http://www.c-jump.com/CIS77/images/figure_3_8_basic_logic_gate.png)

  • Logic Gates are the basis of all logic circuits, inputs and outputs from electronic logic gates are in form of voltage.

Combination of AND and OR and NOT Gates

  • AND, OR and NOT  gates are connected to perform Boolean Functions.
  • When we want to invert a boolean equation we use a bar, which is a line on top of the equation.

Exclusive OR Function - the output is true if either input is true but not if both inputs are true

  • Exclusive OR is also known as EX OR or XOR Function
  • Look at truth table to see a better view of the difference 
  • If you look OR gives an output of a 1 if any of the inputs are true where as XOR or EX OR will gives a 1…


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