Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra


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Boolean Variable - Have 2 Discrete values - true and False

  • False is Usually - 0
  • True is Usually - 1

OR Function : The output is true if either or both inputs are true.

  • If both gates are open the output is false
  • whereas for example if A is open and B is closed the value is still true
  • another way of representation the information is through Boolean Equation.
  • Eg: A(closed) + B(closed) = Q(Output = true)
  • A = A gate
  • + = Is not a plus sign but AN OR SIGN
  • B= A gate
  • Q = Output(Could be a lamp)
  • So it could be written as A+(or) B = Q
  • You can also draw a truth table another way of representing it
  • OR Gate Symbol

Or Gate (http://www.dubdubdub.net.nz/images/gateOR.png) 

And Function - the output is true only if all the input are true

  • This gives output to be true only if all the situations are met for instance
  • Lamp on if :supply is on= true AND door open = true, only then will the light turn on .
  • Where as it would not work if : Supply is on = True And Door is open = False : in this case the light will not turn on because the conditions have not been met
  • Lets take…


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