COMP2 Glossary

Typed up 'key terms' from my textbook, added in a couple of my own for clarity. Good cramming material?

Sharing because it took me a long time and my wrists hurt afterwards; here to save you from a similar fate.

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COMP 2 Glossary

Logic gates and Boolean algebra

Boolean variable: may have two discrete possible values, e.g. True or false

Truth table: a table that shows the result of applying the logical functions to all possible
combinations of inputs.

Boolean equation: an equation that expresses a Boolean output Q in…

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System bus or external bus: the main highway connecting the processor, main memory and I/O
controllers; it is made up of a data bus, an address bus and a control bus.

Data bus: bidirectional, used to transport data between components of the three-box model.

Address bus: unidirectional, used to address…

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Compiled high-level language program: a program translated into machine code before it is
executed on a digital computer.

Op-code: the part of a machine code instructions that denotes the basic machine operation, e.g.

Operand: the part of a machine code instruction that represents a single item of binary data…

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Application software: allows users to perform non-computer tasks such as writing a letter or
processing orders.

Bespoke software: written for a customer's specific need.

General- purpose software: software that can be used for many different tasks.

Special-purpose software: software designed to support one specific task.

Structure of the internet


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Port: an address for a software process.

Socket: a combination of host IP address and a port number.

Bidirectional: data passes both ways at the same time.

Network layer: adds source and destination IP addresses to packets on their way from the transport
layer to the link layer, and removes…

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Class selector: used to select an HTML element that has a class attribute.

ID selector: identifies a specific HTML element and can only be used once per page.

Consequences of uses of computers

Copyright: protects material, such as literature, art, music, sound recordings, films and broadcasts.

Design right: protects how…


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