Managing natural resources

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Global issues population and resources
Managing natural resources
Management depends on: type of resource, issue/problem, location of issue and
scale of issue (local/national/global)
Who manages resources? Government (national/local), international organisations
(European Union), market, consumers
Resource issues: depletion which needs to be slowed down, pollution which needs to
be limited through extraction and distribution where resources need to be
distributed differently
Managing supply and demand
Substitution: search for new abundant resource that does the same thing
such as geothermal instead of coal to generate electricity. Technological
advancements and market control automatically try and look for
Maximisation: use same resource but adapt technology to reduce waste of
resources such as fuel efficient cars, energy saving lights, pesticides on
crop to ensure less of the crop is wasted.
Recycling: reprocessing of resources into different ones such as recycling
old paper to make more paper that is usable.
Rationing: government imposing limits to control the use of a resource such
as the taxation of fuel for cars to encourage the user to use less.


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