Living in the Arctic

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Surviving the Arctic:


  • Houses are either igloos or made from animal skins
  • These are well insulated
  • Modern buildings have double glazing - heat in, cold out
  • Sloping roofs shed heavy snow
  • Raised above ground so they do not melt the permafrost. If permafrost melts buildings could collapse


  • Made from animal skins sewn together with animal sinew
  • Modern hi tech insulated clothing
  • Lots of layers are worn.


  • Ice roads cross frozen lakes to allow heavy goods to be transported by truck
  • Skis, dogsleds, snowmobiles in summer when its unstable

Energy Use:

  • Oil and gas are the main energy sources because solar and HEP is not suited to cold areas
  • Energy demand for heating is high


  • Arable farming (growing crops) is not possible so food supplies…


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