Living World

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  • Living World
    • Rainforests
      • Tropical rainforests have distinct characteristics that support a wide variety of different species. This means that they have a high biodiversity.
      • Climate
        • Over 2,000mm of rainfall every year.
        • Average daily temperature of 28'C. Never drops below 20'C and never exceeds 35'C.
        • The climate is the same all year round. There are no seasons.
        • The atmosphere is hot and humid.
      • Structure of a tropical rainforest.
        • Shrub Layer, Under Canopy, Canopy, Emergent layer.
    • Arctic Tundra
      • Climate
        • Long, Cold winters.
        • Annual Temperatures normally below freezing.
        • Often windy, with very little precipitation. permanent ice caps cover polar landscapes.
      • Plants
        • Hundreds of species of moss, lichen and algae survive the harsh conditions of a polar biome.
      • Animals
        • Polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins live in the Antarctic. Whales, seals and snowy owls are also found in polar regions.
    • Ecosystems
      • An ecosystem is a natural environment and includes the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) that live and interact within that environment.
      • The living parts of the ecosystem have a complex relationship with the non - living parts. Changing one, will lead to a change in the other.
      • Climate
        • The temperature and amount of rainfall can determine which species can survive in the ecosystem.


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