Light and Sound

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  • sound travels by vibrations in the air
  • something must vibrate for sound to travel
  • sound can be reflected or refracted like light
  • an echo is a sound being reflected from a surface

Frequency and Amplitude

Frequency = Pitch of Sound

  • number of complete waves / space between sound waves
  • high frequency is more vibrations - close
  • low frequency is less vibrations - far
  • measured in Hertz (Hz)

Amplitude = Volume of Sound

  • height of sound wave
  • high amplitude is more energy - tall
  • low amplitude is less energy - short
  • measured in Decibels (dB)

Structure of the Ear

  • Outer Ear - open to outside, filled with air
  • Middle Ear - filled with air, sealed off from outside by eardrum
  • Inner Ear - responsible for balance and hearing
  • Pinna - collects and funnels sound into ear
  • Semi-circular canals - contains wax to trap dirt and dust
  • Eardrum - vibrates when sound strikes
  • Ossicles - small bones which amplify sounds
  • Auditory Canal - sends signals when liquid moves tiny hairs
  • Auditory Nerves - carries signals to brain
  • Cochlea - sends signals when liquid moves tiny hairs


  • sound waves make your eardrum vibrate

Object vibrates, air vibrates, eardrum vibrates, ossicles vibrate, hairs in cochlea vibrate, message sent to brain


  • we see objects when light reflects off it into eyes
  • light always travels in straight lines
  • light travels faster than sound

Key Words:

  • Light Ray - straight path taken by light
  • Light Beam - made up of several light rays
  • Parallel Beam - transfer of energy in…


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