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absorbs - light energy hits a surface and is converted into heat

angle of incidence - angle between the normal and incident ray

angle of reflection - angle between the normal and a reflected ray

angle of refraction - angle between the normal and a refracted ray

apparent depth - distane an object appears to be below the surface of a transparent material

cornea - outer transparent surface of the eye

dispersion - splitting light into a spectrum

incident ray - light ray that hits a surface

iris - coloured ring that controls the size of the pupi in a human eye

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Glossary cont.

lateral inversion - objects appear back to front when seen in a reflected mirror

lens - part of the eye that focuses light onto the rentina

light year - distance light moves in one year

luminous object - object that gives off light

medium - material that energy passes through eg. sound or heat

non-luminous object - object that doens't give off light

normal - line at riht angles to a surface

opaque - a material that doesn't allow visible light to pass through it

primary colours - three colours that combine to give all the other colours seen by the human eye (blue, green and red)

pupil - the hole in the eye that allows light in

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Glossary cont.

ray diagram - diagram that shows which way light travels

reflected ray - light ray that bounces off a surface

reflects - light bounces off a surface

refraction - bending of light when it moves from one material to another of different density

retina - light sensitive surface at the back of the eye

scatted - disorganisation of light

shadow - area of darkness where light is blocked by an object

source - place where liight or heat comes from

spectrum - a range of light colours

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Glossary cont, Reflection

translucent - a material that scatters visible light as it passes through

transmission - light passes through a material

transparent - a material that allows visible light to pass through it without scattering


angle of incidence = angle of reflection

Light gets reflected from a surface at the smae angle it hits it.

Smooth, shiny surfaces have a clear reflection

Rough, dull surface have a diffuse reflection

Diffuse reflection is when light is scattered in different directions

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White light is not a single colour; it is made up of a mixture of the seven colours of the rainbow (visible spectrum)

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet =

Richard of Yorf gave battle in vein

Primary colours are; red, blue and green

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