Liberal views on human nature and the state. 30 marks


Liberal views on Human Nature and the State. 30 marks

Human Nature:

  •  Classical liberals – human beings are hedonistic and pleasure seeking creatures that are self-seeking.
  •   Modern liberals – JS Mill places emphasis on the human flourishing, rather than the crude satisfaction of personal interests. Individual human nature is not as narrowly self-interested.
  •  Currently Liberal Democrat Party – Nick Clegg’s Spring Conference Speech 2013 suggests that liberalism has now adapted and accepted the need of a welfare system in that “a fairer society” is spoken of to enable “everyone in Britain to get on in life”.
  •  Liberals believe that humans are capable of resolving differences through debate and reasoned discussions by their rationalism i.e. promotion of a referendum to be held before the end of 2017 on Britain’s EU membership.
  •  Individuals should be judged according to their unique qualities as every person has differing ideas, views and pleasures.
  • Liberals are against any form of paternalism whereby the state helps the people as it leads society to become self-reliant on the state. “Dependency culture” – contrast to socialisms core values of equality and redistribution of wealth.
  •  Believe that some individuals may be self-seeking as this could lead to one individual abusing another in the pursuit of his own rational interest.
  •  Belief that society as a whole can progress and learn from


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