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Dat 15 Marks (Section A) 45 Marks (Section B)
Jan On what grounds have Explain the link Why have democratic To what extent do Why have anarchists `Conservatives favour To what extent does `Socialism is defined by
10 liberals supported between anarchism socialists believed in traditional viewed the state as pragmatism over principle'. modern liberalism depart its opposition to
democracy? and collectivism the `inevitability of conservatives and the inherently evil and Discuss from the ideas of classical capitalism'. Discuss
gradualism'? New Right differ in oppressive? liberalism?
their views of society?
Jun Why has socialism How have Why and how have On what grounds do Why did Marx believe To what extent do Anarchism is closer to To what extent is there
10 been viewed as a conservatives justified liberals supported the anarchists believe in that capitalism was conservatives believe in liberalism that it is to tension between
form of class politics? private property? fragmentation of the possibility of a doomed to collapse? tradition and continuity? socialism. Discuss liberalism and the
political power? stateless society? principle of equality?
Jan Distinguish between How and why has To what extent do Distinguish between On what grounds A fear of democracy runs To what extent have Anarchism is merely free
11 neoliberalism and anarchism been linked liberals disagree over fundamentalist have conservatives throughout liberalism. socialists disagreed about market liberalism taken
neoconservatism to communism? freedom? socialism and revision supported tradition Discuss the means of achieving to its extreme. Discuss
socialism and continuity? socialism
Jun How and why have On what grounds have Explain the link On what grounds have Distinguish between To what extent have Anarchists demand the To what extent is
11 socialists endorsed liberals defended between anarchism conservatives economic liberalism socialists been committed impossible. Discuss. conservatism a
collectivism? constitutionalism? and individualism supported One Nation and social liberalism to equality of outcome? philosophy of
principles? imperfection?
Jan On what grounds have In what sense do How does the On what grounds have How is liberalism To what extent is the New Modern liberals have To what extent do
12 conservatives socialists have a anarchist view of the socialists criticised the
linked to rationalism, Right internally coherent? abandoned individualism anarchists agree about
defended authority? positive view of state differ from the liberal view of and what are the and embraced the nature of the future
human nature? Marxist view? equality? implications of this collectivism. Discuss anarchist society?
Jun Distinguish between Explain the link Why have some Explain the How and why has Conservativism merely To what extent have Liberalism is defined by
12 negative freedom and between anarchism socialists advocated implications of the anarchism been reflects the interests of the socialists favoured the the desire to minimise
positive freedom. and utopianism revolution rather than conservative belief in associated with privileged and prosperous'. common ownership of the role of the state.
reform? an `organic society' collectivism? Discuss wealth? Discuss
Jan Explain the key ideas On what grounds have Explain the link Why do anarchists Why did Marx believe To what extent do Anarchism is merely an To what extent have
13 associated with conservatives between liberalism view the state as that capitalism is conservatives support extreme view of socialist modern liberals
revisionist socialism. supported and constitutionalism inherently evil and doomed to collapse, tradition and continuity? collectivism. Discuss departed from the ideas
paternalism? oppressive? and how did he think of classical liberalism?
this collapse would
Jun On what grounds have Explain the link Why have democratic On what grounds have Explain how the Liberal democracy is a To what extent is The notion of a stateless
13 conservatives justified between socialists believed anarchists rejected neoliberal and contradiction in terms. socialism defined by its society is merely an
private property? individualism and that the victory of constitutionalism and neoconservative Discuss rejection of capitalism? anarchist fantasy.
liberalism gradualism was consent? views of the role of Discuss
inevitable? the state differ
Jun Why and how have On what grounds have Explain the link Why has social class On what grounds To what extent is `Conservatism is defined To what extent have
14 liberals supported the conservatives between anarchism played such an have modern liberals anarchism a single by its support for free socialists disagreed over
fragmentation of defended authority? and collectivism important role in defended the doctrine? market capitalism. Discuss the means of achieving
government power? socialist analysis? principle of social socialism?
Jun Explain the link How do traditional Why have some To what extent have In what sense do To what extent is `Socialism is defined by its To what extent have
15 between anarchism conservatives and the socialists supported a liberals disagreed over anarchists hold a conservatism a philosophy commitment to liberals endorsed the
and individualism. liberal new right differ revolutionary `road' to freedom? positive view of of human imperfection? collectivism.' Discuss. principle of equality?
in their views of socialism? human nature?

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