Lesson 1 - Setting up an Office


Before setting up an office, all certifications need to be gained so as to practice legally.


Will you set up in a commercial area, or at home?

Working from home requires consideration of things such as; is the home a good working environment, is it safe, is it accessible for patients and employees, does it reflect positively on your business and present a good impression?

Some bills may classify as official expenses and subsequently offset against taxes. 

INSURANCE- it is important to inform insurers if you are using your car for official purposes otherwise it will be invalid; public and employer's liability insurances may also be needed.


Your logo could be designed by a graphic designer.

You need to chart out your mission statement; include your values, aims, and goals. You can look up and compare with your competitors' mission statements for reference.


The costs incurred in setting up the office need to be considered; a financial plan is necessary so capital is handled efficiently. If you need…


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