Lesson 4 - Follow Up Sessions


After the initial consultation, prescribe a dietary and lifestyle plan for your patient. In the initial treatment plan, address the eliminative channels and ways to support effective elimination, as well as constitutionally weak systems and organs and how to support them with good nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The focus of treatment is to correct the imbalances and abnormalities of the body through proper nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. Imbalances do not occur overnight, but rather over long periods of time and subsequently, the re-balancing of these systems is a lengthy process which requires tie and effort and patience from you and the patient. Your treatment plan is not a one-time solution, but suggestions of a lifestyle change with coaching and education regarding how to eat and live in a way to address inherent weaknesses and imbalances.

You and the patient need the time dedication to follow up; this usually occurs within 3 to 6 months, however, follow-ups are determined on a case by case basis. 

You can maintain contact with the patient between follow up sessions if they require the support; they can even send new iris photos via phone or email so consultations can be electronically driven.

In follow up


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