Lenin and the Bolshevik's


Lenin's consolidation of power: 

The Constituent Assembly:

-Lenin initially supported the institution as it would legitimize the Bolshevik control if they won the elections.

- However, they did not win, they were outvoted nearly two to one Bolsheviks won 24% of the vote, 175 seats, and the SRs won 48%  and 370 seats. 

- Lenin dissolved the assembly at gunpoint a day after they started their first session claiming that the elections had been rigged by the SRs and Kadets.

Lenin's Decrees:

- Decree on peace Oct 1917: an appeal for all warring nations to enter talks- Lenin knew that peace with Germany was essential for Bolshevik's survival. 

- Decree on Land Nov 1917: gave the Bolshevik approval to the peasant revolts in the countryside; overthrowing their landlords.

- Decree on Workers' Control Nov 1917: accepted the worker's takeover of factories but ruled industrial output must not fall.

- Decree on Nationalisation June 1918: laid down a program for the takeover by the state of the larger industrial concerns. 

The Gosplan:

- Took charge of all existing institutions for the regulation of economic life. 

- Nationalised banks + railways 

- Foreign debts canceled

- Transport system improved

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk:

Lenin wanted the war to end with immediate peace, peace with Germany would strengthen Lenin's grip on the party and gave him the opportunity to expel the…


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