The Establishment of the Bolshevik Authority

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  • The Establishment of Bolshevik Authority
    • Lenin had always stated that he wanted the power to be given to the Soviets
      • However, these were multi-party organisations and Lenin did not want to share power with the SRs or Mensheviks
    • Some SRs and Mensheviks walked out of the Second All-Russian Congress on 25 October
      • This was because they realised that the new government was going to be Bolshevik dominated
    • The Congress voted to create a new constitution with the Sovnarkom at the top, Lenin as chairman and overall leader
    • Below the Sovnarkom, there was the All-Russian Congress of Soviets which was Bolshevik dominated
    • The first decrees issues before December 1917 ended Russia fighting in WWI and the Decree on Land authorises peasant land seizures


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