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  • Establishment of Sovnarkom and closing of Constituent Assembly
    • Immediate challenges facing Lenin
      • Continuing war with Germany
      • Peasants continued to seize land
        • Economy in chaos
      • Bolsheviks has substantial support within cities-limited in countryside
      • Strikes by civil servants who refused to co-operate
      • State Bank refused to aid Bolsheviks
      • Lenin passed several different decrees:
        • Decree on Land-Redistribute to all peasant
        • Peace Decree-Bolsheviks seeking end to WW1
        • Decree that established new government organisation
    • Establishment of Sovnarkom
      • Council of People's Commissars (people in control of political education)
      • Lenin acted as chairman and overall leader
      • All Russia Congress of Soviets under Sovnarkom
        • Bolsheviks dominated
    • Purpose of Sovnarkom
      • Designed to allow Bolsheviks to extend their power and control
      • Lenin and leading Bolsheviks would decide who was included
    • Closing of the Constituent Assembly
      • Lenin didn't feel secure in late October
      • Votes showed Bolsheviks only had 1/4 of vote
        • Socialist Revolutionaries had the majority due to large peasant vote
      • Bolsheviks had military support as well as the N and W military fronts
      • Opposition was divided so wasn't effective
      • Assembly only met once
        • Lenin used Red Guard to shut down Assembly as people rejected that it should be under the Sovnarkom


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