Latin Set texts- 3- Belgae

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Caesar at the heart of battle against the Belgae

Caesari omnia uno tempore erant agendo: vexilum propenendum quod erat insigne cum ad arma concurri opporteret;

Caesar had to do everything at one time: the standard had to be displayed which was the signal for when it was necessary to run to arms;

signum tuba dandum;

the signal had to be givenby trumpet;

ab opere revocandi milites;

the soldiers had to be called back from work;

qui paulo longius aggeris petendi causa processerant arcessendi;

those who had advanced a little further for the sake of seeking (material) for the rampart had to be summoned;

acies instruenda;

the battle line had to be drawn up;

milites cohortandi; signum dandum.

the soldiers had to…


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