LA - suburban sprawl

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Population growth

  • Well connected airports
  • development of the film industry
  • population density of 3000 per km2
  • industrialisation- aircraft industry good for wealthy military tests
  • transport
  • natural resources - discovery of ol

Suburban sprawl

Push factors

  • Declining jobs
  • Pollution
  • Poor schools and services
  • Congestion
  • Crowded housing
  • Businesses looking for greenfield sites
  • Fears for safety
  • high land rents
  • gang crime

Pull factors

  • Better schools and services
  • Large shopping centres
  • Accessible
  • Cheaper land for larger properities
  • Safer neighbourhoods
  • Low density
  • More open spaces

Consquences of urban sprawl

  • Work- deindustrialisation, changing economy, loss of thousands of jobs and replacement jobs are low pay
  • Waste 24 million people produce 50 000 tonnes of waste everyday, transport only 30% use public


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